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Where does the name Xenia come from?

Xenia is the ancient Greek concept of hospitality, the generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home. The Greek god Zeus is sometimes called Zeus Xenios in his role as a protector of travelers.

The Team

Team with extensive technical and sector experience. Background in the hospitality sector combined with broad experience in financial management and business intelligence


Anders Sjaastad, CFA

Anders has a proven track record of more than 20 years’ experience in corporate finance, investment banking and management consulting. His area of expertise lies in Business development, strategy, financial management and treasury. He has worked as CFO at Zalaris ASA, Fortum Fiber, Lindorff AS, Saferoad ASA and Broadnet AS. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder and holds MSc Finance & Investments from the University of Edinburgh


Sophie Borge

Sophie has experience as a market analyst with focus on data collection, processing, analysis, and reporting. She also has previous experience in accounting and customer service. Her competences include business optimization, business development, financial analysis, valuation, financial modeling, and corporate finance.


Nele Vleeschouwers, CFA

Nele has over 14 years’ experience in international finance, derivative hedging, project management and business intelligence, working in banks in Brussels and London and as financial consultant in Oslo. She holds MSc Policy economics and MSc Middle Eastern Studies and is a CFA Charterholder and former board member


Martine Casen

Martine has six years of work experience from accounting and controlling in engineering sector and the hotel business. She is in her last year of obtaining a MSc in Finance from BI Norwegian Business School. She holds a BSc in Economics and Business Administration with specialization in macroeconomics.


Jane Li

Jane joined Mimir Consulting as an intern in January 2022. She holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration with specialization in Finance and is in her first year of obtaining a MSc in Business Analytics from BI Norwegian Business School. She has previous work experience in supply chain management data analysis.


André Costa

André er en finans- og teknologientusiast med en bachelor i Business Management. Han har erfaring som Business Development Consultant og Business Controller. Hans fokus er på å søke og komprimere data til kunnskap.

External Advisors


Johan Appelgren

Johan has over 20 years’ experience in the hotel business, with a background from First Hotels, Thon Hotels, Radisson & Rica. He was previously hotel manager at First & Thon Hotels, regional manager at Tribe Hotels, and responsible for sales and revenue management for First Hotels


Anders Moe

Anders is CEO of Flying Elephant Group and has hotel experience from various roles; as strategic director, CFO, CEO and BoD. He has previously worked at Accenture where he was amongst other head of Enterprise Performance Management