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Xenia's solutions improve information sharing within your organization, between operations and finance, and line managers and senior management. Standardized reports and tools that offer relevant, reliable, and intuitive insight with frequently updated data. The flow of information runs horizontally and vertically and is obtained from various legacy systems without unnecessary administrative burden. This frees up time for analytical activity and allows for better communication and involvement within the organization.

Financial reporting

The base module uses data solely from your ERP system. For groups, relevant information can be viewed not only on a per company level, but also on a consolidated group level. Financial value drivers for the sector are automatically generated. Through actual and historical data, the organization can follow up the development of financial results. The user can opt for high level reports and visualizations, or rather for detailed drilldowns to posting text level.

Productivity module

If you can measure it, you can manage it

The productivity module gives you a unique opportunity to identify the effects different measures and improvements you make to increase your profitability. Operational value drivers such as number of hours spent on different activities, number of bookings and turnover per department create insights into how to best allocate the hotel's resources.

Business review

The business review module lets you assess forecasts against actual figures. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual updates and compilations. Xenia simplifies and streamlines the follow-up of your hotels and allows you to increase efficiency in dialogue between operations and finance department

Xenia Online Forecasting:

To simplify the forecast, we have created an online tool where you can enter forecasts manually or automatically retrieve figures from the hotel's systems (RMS, PMS, ERP and staffing). These forecasts are then transferred to Power BI where you can compare forecasts with actual outcomes

Check out the Forecasting Tool

tailored analysis by Xenia

Add-on Modules


Group reporting becomes less complicated with automatic elimination of group-internal postings and internal transactions and currency adjustments. This module contributes to efficient reporting as well as increased internal control and can be tailor fit on request

Reconciliation of balance accounts

Simplify your reconciliation routines with the Xenia Reconciliation Module. This module contributes to increased efficiency for monthly reconciliation and improved internal control.

Cash flow forecasts

Automated conversion of actual and budgeted income statements to cash flow expectations in the short and long term. This module allows you to identify possible shortcomings in the cash balance in advance, both short term (13 weeks) and medium term (12 months).