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Q & A - FAQ

Microsoft Power BI is an interactive tool where you can collect, analyze and share data from a variety of sources. The reports may utilize charts, graphs, tables, or other visualizations to help you discover the story your data is telling.

The Power BI Service (online) will have full functionality on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. Using browsers such as Internet Explorer or Safari will have limited report functionality.

Many of the reports have been secured using row-level-security (RLS). This prevents users from accessing data they don’t have permissions for. If a report pulls up and there is no data shown, then you don’t have the proper permissions enabled to view the report. If you encounter this and you believe you should be able to view the report, please contact our Power BI team.

Power BI Desktop is an application used to create reports. You do not need Power BI Desktop to view the online reports.

Because of the secure and confidential nature of the reports we have disabled the sharing feature. If you feel someone needs access to a report, please contact our Power BI team.

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